Monday, April 7, 2014

InDee Toons now fully customizable!

Custom head generator, exchangeable body parts and source files included!

InDee Toons now work like paper dolls, the body parts and their attributes can be freely changed

The Kickstarter of InDee Toons has been modified to give developers the opportunity to create their own unique characters, without having to create assets themselves.
A lot of people have requested customization options for InDee Toons, because nobody wants to use the same characters others have in their games.

To achieve this, several changes had to be made:
  • The concept has been simplified, no more standard and epic toons, every toon is now epic!
  • The source files for Spine will be provided for every toon, containing skeleton and animation data
  • The images for the body parts will be provided and can be mixed to create unique toons
  • Every toon now comes with a custom head generator

The custom head generator

As the heart of customization, every toon now has its own custom head generator.
This is a Spine file, allowing you to create a unique head for your toon.
There are different head shapes, hair styles, eyes, ears, noses, and more to choose from.
After selecting the facial features for your toon, you can adjust their position, scale (X and Y), rotation and color.
A long animation with billions of predefined head combinations is also included, together with a copy for the blinking and talking view of the unique head.

Some automatically generated heads created with the custom head generator of a female toon, after application of rim lights.

These adjustments to the project bring you infinite customization options for completely individual 2D game characters.
We have 20 days left on the funding duration of the Kickstarter of InDee Toons and we are about 15% funded at the time of this article.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Have you been april fooled?

Trendy Tim was an april fools joke and will be a free gift to epic backers

Trendy Tim as the kickstarter-exclusive EPIC InDee Toon for the "early giant hawk" reward tier was an april fools joke.
Of course, the backers will decide what the exclusive toons will be.
However, everybody with a pledge at the "early giant hawk" reward tier or higher will get him as a free gift.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kickstarter-exclusive EPIC toon revealed!

Limited exclusive EPIC toon: Trendy Tim

The limited EPIC toon only available to Kickstarter backers of the "early giant hawk" reward tier will be "Trendy Tim".
That cute guy is modeled on a kickstarter pioneer of adventure game design some of you might know.

You can preview Trendy Tim with all of his animations in the following clip:

This is the first update for the Kickstarter project of InDee Toons.

More InDee Toons video clips will soon be on YouTube

Monday, March 31, 2014

InDee Toons in Games

How InDee Toons can enhance a game in seconds

Some examples of the characters in action:

Two screenshots of a sidescrolling Action-RPG prototype featuring InDee Toons
InDee Toons in a sidescrolling Action-RPG

InDee Toons in a sidescrolling Action-RPG

A simple point & click adventure game in retro-style
InDee Ana Bones and the lost game art

The characters are cross-platform and cross-engine compatible.
After downloading the sprite packs, you unzip them and drop them right into your game, assign the animations to your actions and you are done.

If you would like to learn more about this, the Kickstarter page of InDee Toons contains more information, pictures and videos.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter, and watch out for InDee Toons video clips on YouTube
As we need to reach the funding goal within the next 27 days to make this happen, we have to tell a lot more people about the project.
Thank you for sharing, liking and spreading the good word about InDee Toons.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

InDee Toons - Animated Game Characters Kickstarter launched!

The missing link in the (r)evolution of indie game development

Do you love games?
Of course you do!

And do you also enjoy creating games on your own?

If you have ever wondered why there is no resource for game assets, you should continue reading.

What about a library of characters for you to choose from?

InDee Toons - A Library of 2D Game Characters

You could just pick the most suitable ones and drop them right into your game, without wasting your valuable time on trying to get in contact with artists that could possibly do the art for you or even trying to create the assets all by yourself.

Creating games has never been easier than it is today.
There are wonderful tools and engines that can do most of the coding for you, but where can developers get the assets they need to make the look of their game as good as the concept behind it?

With my Kickstarter project "InDee Toons", I want to take care of this challenge by offering a stock of 50 fully animated 2D game characters, provided under a royalty-free license.
This license allows you to use the character in as many free or commercial projects as you like, once you purchased it.

By making this license non-exclusive, the price for an asset can be kept low, which makes them affordable even for prototyping.

There are two kinds of toons: standard toons and EPIC toons.
The standard toons cover all animations you need for most game genres.

EPIC toons are deluxe toons, featuring better lighting, weapons, special effects like glowing armor, more details and more animation frames.

InDee Toons - A Library of 2D Game Characters

To provide even more great features and options to improve the versatility of the characters, there are some extremely awesome stretch goals like resizing, mirroring and sprite sheet options, mounts, customizable lighting and even real dynamic lighting through normal maps.
If that sounds great to you, check out the Kickstarter page of InDee Toons for more details, videos and pictures:
To make this possible, your support is needed and highly appreciated.
Kickstarter funding works with an "all-or-nothing" philosophy, so the project will only happen if we get fully funded.
Apart from pledges, you can support InDee Toons by spreading the word.

With your help, InDee Toons can be the new definition of character sprites!

Friday, March 28, 2014

InDee Toons Launch Date Announced!

InDee Toons – Animated Game Characters: Kickstarter to be launched today at 6:00pm CST

The Kickstarter for InDee Toons – Animated Game Characters has been accepted and is now ready to be published.

The project is scheduled to be launched today at 6:00pm Central Standard Time.

I have also launched a new Facebook fan page for InDee Toons, the URL is

With InDee Toons, I want to provide a stock of 50 fully animated game characters that can be easily integrated into any engine.

There will be two kinds of toons:
  • Standard Toons: affordable basic characters containing everything you need for most games
  • EPIC Toons: very luxury game assets with special features at a slightly higher price
Tell everybody interested in game development and indie games about the upcoming Kickstarter of InDee Toons!
Directly after launch, the link to the project will be posted here, on the Facebook page and on Twitter.

Monday, March 24, 2014

InDee Toons Kickstarter to be Launched soon!

InDee Toons – Animated Game Characters for developers

My current project InDee Toons – Animated Game Characters has been sent to Kickstarter and is now waiting to be accepted.
The Idea behind this project is to provide a resource for game assets, developers can freely choose from and directly integrate them into their games while being able to focus on other aspects of development.

I will post a link to the Kickstarter page as soon as the project goes live.
Bookmark this page, follow on Facebook, on Twitter, join the RSS Feed and follow by email to make sure you don’t miss the launch of InDee Toons.

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